WWW - Bike & Pedestrian Publications

WWW recognizes the need to maintain and/or improve facilities that are home to the different types of transportation modes. To that end, WWW assists area organizations in trying to improve the bicycle and pedestrian facilities within the two counties served by WWW. Below are the countywide plans for Wood County, WV and Washington County, OH developed by outside organizations.

If you have any questions or comments on bicycle or pedestrian issues, please contact WWW's Bike/Pedestrian Coordinator, Tracy Brown at tracy.brown@movrc.org or by phone at (304) 422-4993 extension 128.




Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Study - 2017
Marietta Trail Map - 2015
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Study - 2014
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Study - 2011
Alternate Transportation Plan - 2010 (Endorsed 2013)
Alternate Transportation Plan - 2006 - A Plan for Alternate Transportation Enhancements for Marietta, Ohio and Surrounding Communities