Serving: Calhoun, Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, Wirt, Wood Counties in West Virginia

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Robin Sterling
304.424.7271 ext 103
Gail Holleron
304.424.7271 ext. 113
Miranda Lough
304.424.7271 ext. 134
Janelle Comstock
304.422.4993 ext. 102
To find out more about WDB services, contact a local office or call toll-free (866) 424-7271 ext. 102.

Calhoun County
Please call (304) 373-0313 for an appt.

Clay County
CAEZ/Valley Fork Learning Center
4208 Wallback Road
Wallback WV 25285
(304) 587-2686 (phone)
(304) 587-2027 (fax)

Jackson County
Workforce WV Center
206 Stone Drive
Ripley, WV 25271
(304) 373-0313 (phone)
(304) 373-0116 (fax)

Mason County
Workforce WV Center
404 Main Street
Pt. Pleasant, WV 25550
(304) 675-0857 (phone)
(304) 675-0896 (fax)

Pleasants County
Please call 1-866-420-4531 ext. 59650 or Option 2 for an appt.

Ritchie County
Please call 1-866-420-4531 ext. 59650 or Option 2 for an appt.

Roane County
Workforce WV Center
321 Market Street
Spencer, WV 25276
(304) 927-0954 (phone)

Wirt County
Workforce WV Center
304 Lakeview Center
Parkersburg WV 26101
1-866-420-4531, ext. 59650 or Option 2

Wood County/One Stop Operator
Workforce WV Comprehensive Center
304 Lakeview Center
Parkersburg, WV 26101
1-866-420-4531 ext. 59650 or Option 2
(304) 424-6020 (fax)


What is Workforce Development Board Mid-Ohio Valley?
  The Workforce Development Board Mid-Ohio Valley was formed in July 2000, to administer U.S. Department of Labor funded programs in the area.  A county commissioner from each county and the Mayors of Parkersburg and Vienna comprise the Mid-Ohio Valley Workforce Investment Corporation which has legal and fiscal responsibility for the funding.  They in turn appoint a Workforce Board, the majority of members representing business.  Additional members represent various employment and training related organizations in the region.

What area is served?  Calhoun, Clay, Jackson, Mason, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Wirt and Wood counties in West Virginia.

Vision:  A quality, skilled workforce that advances the economic development of the region by meeting the needs of employers and job seekers.

Mission:  The Workforce Development Board Mid-Ohio Valley, using all available resources provides leadership and oversight to ensure that efficient and effective workforce services are accessible to employers, current employees, job seekers and other citizens in the region.

Primary Responsibilities:
Program Oversight-Program and fiscal oversight of WIOA Title I funds in the Mid-Ohio Valley including:

*     Assistance to eligible adults and dislocated workers to develop          skills needed to obtain and retain employment, including                  assistance with tuition, books and supplies required for training in specific occupations leading to self-sufficiency.

*     Career Advantage, a comprehensive program to assist eligible          youth up to 24 years of age with emphasis on out of school                youth. Services include career exploration, support services,              life skills, training assistance, work experience and more.

*     Oversight of Workforce WV system's administration in region,        providing a one stop access point to multiple state and local              employment organizations.  Whether you're an individual                  looking for a job or training, or a company looking for qualified        employees, Workforce WV is the area's most comprehensive            employment resource.  Services are available both in person              and online.

Employer Engagement-Ensure business is a primary customer. Listen and develop solutions to individual and sector needs, including OJT and customized training opportunities. 

Convening and Partnering-Build collaboration with workforce, education and economic development partners to meet the needs of the region and reduce duplication.

Planning/Evaluating-Identify the current and upcoming workforce needs of the region and plan to meet those needs for business and job seekers.