Serving: Calhoun, Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, Wirt, Wood Counties in West Virginia

This page contains the Long Range Multimodal Transportation Plan for the Parkersburg-Marietta Metropolitan Area. The transportation plan is a comprehensive examination of the future transportation needs for the residents within Wood County, West Virginia and portions of Washington County, Ohio. As a long range plan, this study considers transportation needs for the region through the year 2040 and includes consideration of a multimodal range of transportation issues and service needs. The Plan makes recommendations for enhanced transportation efficiency and functionality, including construction of new facilities, improved connectivity to other modes and the enhancement of existing facilities. The Plan also identifies available Federal, state and local funding levels and sources and recommendations for future programming and implementation of proposed projects. To download the plan, click on the links below.

Current Long Range Transportation Plan
WWW LRP Update 2040 - Executive Summary (1.5 MB PDF file)
WWW LRP Update 2040 - Volume 1 (24.7 MB PDF file)

Amended September 24, 2018
WWW LRP Update 2040 - Volume 2 (Appendices)  (24.7 MB PDF file)

Amended September 24, 2018



Previous Plans
2035 LRP Update (14.4 MB PDF File)