Serving: Calhoun, Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, Wirt, Wood Counties in West Virginia

Wirt County

Wirt County Commission
Robert "Bob" Gunnoe
Robert E. Lowe, President
Charles Murray

Wirt County Commission
Court & Washington Street
Elizabeth, WV 26143
Phone: (304) 275-4271
Fax: (304) 275-3418
Meeting Dates: First and Third Tuesdays
Meeting Location:  Wirt County Courthouse, Elizabeth

Located just 14 miles from Interstate-77, Wirt County is finding growth by simply promoting its small town appeal. The last decade spurred a 13 percent increase in population as new residents were attracted by not only the availability of reasonably priced land and housing, but also by the beauty accompanying those acres.

The school system is described as “excellent,” with at least 70 percent of graduates furthering their knowledge in higher education institutions, many of which are in driving distance as well.

Oil, gas, timber and agriculture play significant roles in the local economy, as do industries such as Mustang Survival Manufacturing Inc. and agencies like Wirt County Health Services Association and its state-of-the-art Coplin Memorial Health Clinic. Employers credit an excellent workforce, no B&O taxes, good utility rates, moderate property taxes and a cooperative local government as reasons for their successes. A large portion of the county also has access to broadband Internet.

And after a dedicated day at work, residents can enjoy recreational opportunities that include hunting, fishing (where both the Little Kanawha and Hughes rivers are known for fine musky and smallmouth bass fishing), biking, hiking, ATV riding, boating, golfing or picnicking at a local park. Some simply relish the view from their front porches.

“People are really finding the quality of life here to be highly appealing,” Economic Development Director Diane Ludwig described. “Wirt County is a nice place to live, a nice place to raise kids, a nice place to work, and a nice place to retire.”