Serving: Calhoun, Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, Wirt, Wood Counties in West Virginia

Calhoun County

Calhoun County Commission
Kevin Helmick
Robert Weaver
Scottie "Chip" Westfall, President

Calhoun County Commission
100 Main Street
Grantsville, WV 26147
Phone: (304) 354-6725
Fax: (304) 354-9274
Meeting Dates: Second Monday
Meeting Location:  Calhoun County Courthouse, Grantsville
"More than five festivals are celebrated every year in Calhoun County  - an area that also includes five public parks. History is still alive here, not as ink on pages of paper, but as an ever-present being, given breath by the tales of those who stand before you, and formed by the lasting results of our families’ labors.  The features of Calhoun are discovered only by those who venture off the four-lane, along the curving paths of Routes 5, 16 and 33. Festivals, camping, music, food, fishing, hiking, a spectacular night under the stars - all are just a few winding moments away from the beaten path.  These parks, events and public features all offer simple pleasures - the sound of the whippoorwill at dusk, the taste of wild foods, the smell of dew in the fresh-cut grass, the sight of a deer and her fawn. Our locations may be like many others, but come listen around the roasting pit, or over the steaming sorghum. This is where you will hear the stories of Calhoun’s adventurous history. This is where Calhoun County truly shines."
 - an introduction appearing on Encounter Calhoun County, a promotion publication created by Lisa Hayes Minney

EDA Director Diane Ludwig describes Calhoun County as a haven for artisans and festivals.  The people scattered throughout the hilly terrain love music and handcrafted creations, including instruments and items carved from wood or metal.  Quite often the calendar of events invites tourists and others to a myriad of performances or exhibits staged by local folks.

The area events also appeal to children, whether it is an opportunity to tour a one-room school or a country store from days gone by through exhibits at Heritage Village … or maybe they’ll simply enjoy watching molasses being made at the annual festival in its honor.  Ludwig agrees that those moments of celebrating local tradition are when “Calhoun County truly shines.”